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Behaviour management

Isis District State High School  believes that essential to effective learning is a safe, supportive and disciplined environment that respects the following rights:

  • The rights of all students to learn;
  • The rights of teachers to teach; and
  • The rights of all to be safe.

Isis District State High School and Education Queensland is committed to provisions that ensure all young Queenslanders have a right to and receive a quality education. The Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students (PDF, 470kb) is the document that sets the mechanisms by which we ensure that a supportive school environment is established and maintained.

Our school community has identified the following 'global' school rules to teach and promote standards of responsible behaviour:

  • Respect - be respectful
  • Responsibility - be responsible
  • Learning - be engaged in learning


These 'global' rules are described in a set of specific behavioural expectations and further detailed into operation by a set school rules to ensure all personnel are able to work, co-operate and learn in an ordered and supportive environment. These procedures are supported by the Personal Technology Devices Policy, the School Bullying Policy..

Isis District State High School operates the School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support program to support facilitating appropriate standards of student behaviour. Key feature of this program include:

  • Clear and specific student behavioural expectations
  • Teaching of appropriate behaviours
  • Professional development to staff
  • Positive acknowledgement of desired behaviours
  • Ongoing data analysis of student behaviours.


On occasions students may breach the requirements of the Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students and consequences may have to be allocated. When applying consequences, key considerations are that they should be:

  • Supportive – a context that focuses on prevention and instruction
  • Fair – the principles of natural justice will be followed
  • Logical – if possible, a connection between the behaviour and the consequence
  • Consistent – a consistent approach will occur across the school.